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DREAMCLOUD TOOLKIT is comprised of 4 elements.


(The Artificial soil and Legs)
The organic mat is a reinterpretation of the tatami of a traditional japanese dojo, in the sense that we want to build a deck composed of modules of uniform size (1,50 m by 3,00 m) floating above the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Each module is structurally a Vierendeel truss made of interconnected square inch aluminum tubes supported on metal plates and covered with birch plywood panels that are coated on both sides with a hard wearing phenolic film overlay and hot pressed with a slip resistant wire mesh pattern on its exposed side. Removable panels in the plywood flooring give access to an artificial soil hosting plants and storing water. The rain water storage is made of a serie of rubber liner membrane and sitting on panels of non-woven geotextile underlayment and collects water from the superstructure above as explained thereafter.The mass of the water allows wind loads resitance without any acherage as required. Recessed planting pots are used to host an indoor winter garden during the cold season to be be dispersed on the roof in the summer season.


As for the organic mat on which it is seated, the superstructure is entirely prefabricated and designed to be assembled employing aluminum square tubing that are extremely lightweight and 100% recyclable. Used alone or in bundles, the 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm tubes (a square inch has real antropomorphic qualities), the mast are raised elegantly in the London sky up to a transluscent roof/membrane made of polyéthylène M1 that collects London’s rain and leads it down to the organic mat. In some way, DREAMCLOUD TOOLKIT also interpretes the Barcelona Pavillon by Mies Von der Rohe as an eco-systemic home.

This roof penthouse made of floating lines, planes and volumes opens to the context through framed views : a fluid flow in the space between the public and private zones of the suite connects the most exposed part of the house (an outdoor deck on the river Thames) to its most private one: an inner courtyard open to the sky with a gigantic shower of heated natural rain.


The other essential aspects of the guests life are contained in refined furniture pieces of minimalist influence. The sleeping module host a canopy bed and a clothing rack. It is on casters for maximum flexibility in order to be moved inside or outside depending on the event, the mood and the weather. It come with a removable waterproofed jacket that can be attached to a transparent double membrane envelope that allow outside sleeping even in more extreme weather conditions. A minibar module and a desk/secretary are also on caster and can move freely anywhere on the organic mat. A fixed toilet and sink module accomodate for the most privacy on a fix location with easy connection to the building plumbing.


The exterior of Queen Elizabeth Hall is a massive concrete pedestal exhibiting London’s sky : its absolute beauty has been admired at least since Turner and we would like to offer guests the opportunity to have at night the dreams that inspired their retreat projected back into the sky . To do so, an artificial cloud is empoyed as a medium : the rain water that poured onto the superstructure and was stored in the organic mat is sprinklered back up from the top of the mast to form a visible mass of droplets of water or frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere on which are projected movies, images or text selected by the guests from an archive of curated visual or of their own production. The guest dreams become part of the landspace and return into nothingness as a new day begin as a Darrieus wind turbine ( a speficic type of vertical axis wind tubine) continue to generate energy to heat up for a morning heated rain shower, a hot fog sauna and a walk in the garden of the DREAMCLOUD TOOLKIT…

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Q.E II Hall | Londres – Royaume-Uni
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Living Architecture
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