© Philippe RIZZOTTI

© Philippe RIZZOTTI

Longitudinal section

Pavillon de danse contemporaine

2013   E06

The “culture-nature” paradigm is one of the bases of Western knowledge and the very essence of garden art. It is the worship of the moment, the revelation of the fleeting, the consciousness of time passing through its own dynamic. The emotion of the seasons to the rhythm of representations Nature and its reflection as a positive counterpoint to the urbanization of Geneva. The gardens are places of privilege, delicacy and nobility of the city.

In Geneva, nature accompanies the reliefs Absence and nature are chosen as a strategy of lag: Shifting indispensable as it is difficult to exist in the urban collage of Geneva. The district of Place Charles Sturm is a perfect example. For the Pavilion of the Dance of the ADC, it is necessary a status of exception, a singularity in agreement with its privileged location in the shelter of the centenary trees. The creation of conditions for the development of a particular territory. Here, contextuality is in difference, in the gap while cultivating absence, the gentle reflection.

Blind – architecture / architecture absent or lack of architecture. In a world full of trends, movements, speech and sensitivity, the CDA Pavilion of Dance would like to create an atmosphere of calm and monoperception. From time to time we are looking for calm quasi fetal, cut off from the rest of the world. A state where tactility reigns where the visual is reduced to light, where the sound is noticed as a distant sound, where smell and taste are controlled and localized.

The uncertain future can only be answered by the positive force of uncertainty: the mystery. The mystery that is never far from seduction, attractiveness. Its prefabricated construction glorifies the movements and the dance while remaining at the disposal of a next place.

The ADC Dance Pavilion does not try to hide, it filters, it spares us the details, protects us, sneaks into the initiatory journey of our senses. A precision of the blur and its eternal sparkles. This simple, slender volume reveals an interiority, a mysterious parallelepiped, changing according to the lights of night and day. The day the room opens to the outside to remain a place of life and exchange. At night this volume will become place of effects, colors, lights, expressions of an intense cultural inner life.

The interior is a world in itself, complex, diversified, it is the universe of dancers and staging A patio / garden accompanies the great hall, invaded for a time by the spectators or by the dancers themselves. It is a world of contrasts, surprises, a space journey, an interior landscape. The world of artists mingles with that of the visitors. Abstraction is invaded by figuration. The permanent is completed by the ephemeral.

The facades are light filters between polycarbonate and large golden metal curtains letting see the garden of the Place Charles Sturm and the city in the distance or conversely the room and its spectacle.

Geneva, Switzerland
8 M€
Philippe Rizzotti
City of Geneva
Theater and dance school
1 080 sqm
Non retenu
Beckmann N'Thépé Architectes, Bollinger + Grohmann (structure)