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Philippe Rizzotti ©

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2018   S09

Each year, a new theme will be proposed. For example, it could be about video games for women, an anthropology of video games, or the impact of “game play” on reality. Each theme will be treated according to several editorial axes. For the games, the commissariat has chosen to keep in touch by keeping existing game interfaces, so that the most experienced players can keep their habits and regain their sensations.

We have therefore also chosen to work on a very simple plan that allows you to easily wander between the different game spaces and to create atmospheres specific to each device, especially from a sound and light point of view.
During the development of the project, particular attention will be paid to the acoustic treatment in order to limit as much as possible the effects of reverberation and sound propagation.

Each device will be installed in a particular alcove, a bit like the chapels bordering the nave of a church.

The interaction with the scientific team of the “Lutin” has also made it possible to develop an augmented interface capable of capturing and collecting the player’s physiological data.

For example, the device can be used to capture eye movement (eye-tracking). All the data collected anonymously will make it possible to create a database accessible in open-data to professionals in the sector, partners of the operation. This is a remarkable work that will be specially staged by the scenography.

The spectacularization of the game and the player are also notions integrated into the scenographic project. Each device is installed in the space in such a way as to leave room for the observers. Particular attention has also been paid to the possibilities of capture specific to each space, since some parts can be broadcast in real time on digital channels such as youtube.

Several formats will be proposed: presentations and demonstrations, practical workshops, forums (conference, round table) bringing together professionals, researchers and users. It is therefore essential to create a “tool” space that is both durable and capable of evolving in the face of content with a very high level of obsolescence”.

If the selection of games, the quality of the mediation and the contents are determining factors, it is also fundamental to propose a quality space, comfortable (especially in terms of luminosity and acoustics) and fluid in terms of user experience. E-lab#1 must be the place for an enhanced video game experience, both didactic and sensational; the question of the point of view is fundamental.

On the one hand, it is important to allow players and spectators respectively to find their place and interact with the greatest possible fluidity in the e-lab. On the other hand, because video games are presented in five main families, which correspond to the different points of view of the games.

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Philippe Rizzotti
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