© Vanessa Bosio

© Vanessa Bosio

© Vanessa Bosio

© Vanessa Bosio

Paysage d’aujourd’hui

2015   Scenography

Humanity shapes the environment in its image. The stakes of contemporary design that draws the objects of our daily life are intimately linked to the transformation of our environment.


This year the Observeur du Design will open its doors on the closing day of “Paris 2015”, the 28th Conference of the United Nations on Climate Change, known as COP21.


The artificial landscape proposed tries to contextualize the objects of the 2016 selection of the Observeur du Design. They are staged in a large model allowing the public to visualize them, or even to use them in a simulated context, to appropriate them to understand them in a natural and intuitive way.


This setting-up of objects is a metaphor for our everyday landscape. It seeks to make the public aware of its intimate relationship with its environment and the objects that surround it.



The model, support of the exhibition, evokes an inhabited landscape while playing with markers of the classical organization to allow the public to easily situate themselves, to have obvious landmarks.


A grid of reading, defined by a series of symbols and onomatopoeias, allows visitors to locate, decode and understand the categories, the stages of development of objects. The public will be able to immerse themselves in this landscape of contemporary creation to apprehend it. It can then evaluate the objects individually in an interactive space.


The different objects are installed at heights corresponding to the different uses. Some are placed on the floor, others at a chair’s, table’s, worktop’s or shelves’ height. Some are hung on the wall or, for the most fragile, presented in showcases. The idea is to limit as much as possible the distancing, to favor the appropriation and the interaction.


The objects in a simulated and interactive architecture will be associated with a physical experience while being linked to a database. The exhibition is an immersion. There are plenty of break areas to allow time for the experience, sit down to chat, talk and explain.

Ile-de-France, France
100 K€
Core mission + OPC
Philippe Rizzotti, Constance de la Chesnais, Thomas Giroud
APCI, L'Observeur du design
372 sqm
Completed 2015
Trafik (signage & digital)