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The Growing Village

2018   X10

The “Housing Design Challenge 2018” competition seeks new solutions to address the rapid urbanization of the city of Phnom Penh, where low-income workers are flooding into the city to get closer to job opportunities and improve their living conditions.

The observation of the evolution of the territory shows that at the beginning of the 21st century the landscape was still very rural before the decision was taken to set up the “Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone”, called PPSEZ. The whole area offers reliable and safe infrastructure such as energy production and distribution, water supply, sewage and sanitation systems, telecommunication networks such as clinics, dormitories, restaurants, banks and offices. Our proposal aims to create links between the traditional rural habitat and the natural landscape of the Stoeng Prek Thnaot River riparian forest that separates the provinces of Kandal and Phnom Penh, which, despite significant economic growth, is home to many urban dwellers.

In order to design contemporary and economical housing that PPSEZ workers will be able to own, we analyzed local architectural traditions while integrating new incremental construction methods adapted to the future community of inhabitants, as sustainable technologies that enhance the natural resources of the site. impact of the operation on the environment.

The first action we propose to plan is to protect the existing trees and plant many more to enhance the natural features of the site and protect the land from the flood risks associated with the river flooding. At the same time, the water, sewage and electricity distribution system is being put in place.

We imagine an evolutionary system based on an economical standard material, allowing in-situ production and assembly of the components.

We will have to test and verify the capacity of the infrastructures planned in advance (efficiency) to react to the unforeseen events of the place (identity) and seasons (weather) and improve the urban condition by creating:
– sustainable integrated water and power networks
– secure pedestrian walkways with the necessary fire safety paths.
– local workshops for the production and maintenance of housing.
– food production
– small commercial spaces
– recreational areas, garden with children’s playground.
– surprises…

PRA (representative)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
48 M$
Philippe Rizzotti, Silvia Capobianco, Léa Hamm, Charline Duburguet
Building Trust International
Dwellings and shops
70 000 m²
Open competition
I+A, Switch HQE