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Villa F

2017   M03

Also on the island of Hvar, this villa is located below the apart-hotel and overlooks the bay. This privileged location allows it to enjoy direct views of the Adriatic Sea. On an area of 707m2, the plot hosts a 3 bedroom villa, a swimming pool and a beach club.

This project is the mock-up of the whole operation; it is the first project to be built, allowing us to test all the aesthetic and technical solutions implemented. This prototype is also an opportunity for the other participants in the project to build part of their project at scale 1. The Léonie Alma Mason agency, in charge of the apart-hotel’s interior design, is thus carrying out the interior design of the villa. CIGÜE, which are in charge of the interior design of the 5* hotel, will furnish a room. AC&T, the landscapers in charge of the operation, will finally take care of the landscaping. The progress of the construction site and the quality of the delivered project will thus allow to adjust the points which will have proved critical during the implementation.

As for the project intentions, they are similar to those of the apart-hotel. Considering the wild aspect of the site, the challenge is to preserve this original beauty. The building is positioned in such a way as to preserve the existing trees as much as possible while taking into account the sunshine and the views of the neighboring plots. The project is integrated into the natural slope in order to optimize any disbursement of the land. Given the novel situation of the plot, all the rooms benefit from direct views of the sea and extend towards the landscape, thanks to a continuous treatment between inside and outside.

The materials used are the same as in the apart-hotel, namely dry stone for the basement, F-Clad facing on the first floor and burnt Accoya siding for the volume of the first floor. The construction of this mock-up will make it possible to verify the correctness of the choice of materials in relation to the project intentions.

PRA (representative)
Stari Grad, Hvar island, Croatia
750 K€
Philippe Rizzotti, Chloé Vanacker, Gabriel Verret, Nam-Anh Kervyn, Gaspard Brousse, Constance de la Chesnais, Axel Simon
Villa - ERP
360 m2
BAD (architecte local), LAM & Cigüe (décorateurs), AC&T (paysagiste), K&S (structure), Kapar (fluides)